As a Certified Tax Preparer (CTEC),  Alpha Business Services can help you by filing an accurate and complete tax return.  We are here to serve you.  Taxes can be complicated and is constantly changing.  Alpha Business Services is committed to staying informed on the current tax laws.

Furthermore, with 20 years of government taxation, Alpha Business Services can help you resolve your tax issues.  We will work on your behalf to achieve an equitable resolution.  We will work with you by initiating contact to the tax agency, determine the basis for the outstanding tax issues, and prepare a plan of action to resolve issues.

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The following services are included with each tax service:

  • We offer E-filing services – FREE!
  • We offer informational brochures – FREE!
  • We offer telephone consultation – FREE!

Are you fearful of the Franchise Tax Board?

Are you unsure of how to resolve your issues?

Are your experiencing financial hardship due to a wages garnishment or levy? Or, are you faced with a bank levy or other collection action by the Franchise Tax Board?

Do you want to settle your debt for a lower amount?

Ask me how I can help you save time and money!

Alpha Business Services is now offering solutions for the entrepreneur! Now offering Tax & Bookkeeping packages that provide QuickBooks® accounting setup services, ongoing monthly services, and tax return preparation services.  So, you can focus on your business! Ask for a quote!

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